Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Shay

Nana K posted today, the subject was life.....and death. Her baby sister needs a lung transplant and she is not going to get it. She can hardly move from her bed to the bathroom. She has been smoking for around 2/3's of her life and it will be the cause of her death, probably this year.

I quit smoking last year, after a 45 year affair with the tobacco industry. It has not been easy and I still want to light up almost every day. I don't know at this time if I quit in time to add any years to my life but I hope I did.

If you still smoke, quit now, let us all put the tobacco industry out of business this decade.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good-bye, Good Riddence

We found out this week that there is another house on the market in our little neighborhood. It has been listed for about 80 days but the owners for some reason have chosen not to have a sign put up so I guess it is a secret sale.

About a week before the election last November I had a conversation with one of the residents of that household in an attempt to gain her vote for then candidate Obama. To make a long story short, she called me a socialist and told me that if he (meaning Obama) wins the election the country will be ruined and it will be entirely the fault of people like me. I guess she may still be hoping, like Rush, that he fails so the country can be saved.

In the meantime, since the house if for sale, maybe she will move out of the country since we are obviously doomed to a fate worse than any of could possibly imagine.