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How was your Thursday?

For the past couple of months I have been doing volunteer work in hopes of a successful campaign to elect Barack Obama.

For about 2 hours several nights a week I make phone calls, the type I always hated to receive because I felt the caller was imposing on my private time. Most of the calls go unanswered, probably because caller ID shows Democratic Party. When they don't answer, we just keep trying until they tell us they are going to vote for Sen. Obama or because they voted early their name is removed from the call list.

When someone does answer for the most part they are respectful, even if they support McCain. I talked to one small business owner who was leaning toward McCain and by the end of our conversation I had convinced him to at least take another look at Obama by going to his WEB site and reading up on his tax plan....well at least he said he would.

Then again, there are some that are not so nice, they slam the phone down or they pick up and play like they are not there. But there is one that I will not forget, she is from Oakland, Iowa and when she answered the phone last night she said "this is an independent household you commie pinko", click.

I'd like to say this did not hurt me but I can't. Oh, I considered the source, laughed it off and shared the calls content with the others around me. But it did hurt....not my person but my soul because this type of person can't get past their petty nature.

So, have I become one of those assholes that interrupts a peaceful evening? Probably, but at least it's not a computer calling with a vicious attack message.

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Despicable Bastards

There are very few people that I can say I truly dislike (that is short for hate) and most of them I have have not met and don't even know. They are out there though, lurking in the deep dark water like a carp, sucking things up from the mud. Today we experienced the impact of those that dwell in the wasteland and don't have the courage to do their dirty deeds in broad daylight.

We have proudly displayed the sign below in our yard and two of our neighbors had similar signs.

This morning we woke up to find that some despicable person or persons (we suspect that is was a McCain supporter) had removed the sign from our property and from the property of our other neighbors. This has happened frequently in our fair city and many Obama supporters have started to coat their signs with various liquids. We now have a new sign that has been sprayed with PAM so if someone steals this one at least they will have a hand that is as slippery as they are.

This type of activity is no different than someone at a McCain/Pailin campaign event yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" in reference to Senator Obama. Even though McCain claims that he refutes this type of action, his campaign continues to progress the terrorist affiliation in their Robo propaganda calls thus encouraging his supporters to disrespect our right to freedom of expression.

So now we have a new sign that was hand painted with care by the staff at the local Obama campaign headquarters.

The sign is 4' x 8' and if someone steals this, we will replace it with another of similar size, or larger and will continue to put up new signs until after the election.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Case Logic or why McCain is losing.

There are now 18 days left for each candidate to make their case before the American electorate. Even though it appears that Barack Obama has the edge, there is still enough time for John McCain to make a comeback. As he says, he is a fighter and unfortunately and contrary to his continued claims about running a respectful campaign his campaign and those that support him continue to attack the character of Senator Obama. Some of the attacks are direct (he pals around with terrorists) and some are oblique.

The latest from his staff and supporters are nothing more than shameful, down and dirty.

Example #1:

Does anyone see anything other than direct racism in this reference to Obama not looking like any president on our currency? Let's see....fried chicken.....ribs.....Kool-aid, and oh yeah, what's that....why it's watermelon.

This was sent out via e-mail and regular mail in the October newsletter by the Chaffey Community Republican Women, along with a statement that says if Obama is elected his image will appear on food stamps instead of dollar bills like other presidents.
The group's president, Diane Fedele said "It was just food to me..."

Example #2:

The official Web site of the Sacramento County Republican Party compared Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and urged people to "Waterboard Barack Obama." The site contained the following image:

So John, if this is your idea of a respectful campaign God help us if you are elected on November 4th.

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Friday Forum - Panic on (in) the Street

What follows appears to be sound advice that I received from my financial advisory group.

6 facts to help dispel the fear and 10 key reminders to share with investors

1. In January of 1970, a bear market started that lasted until May of that year. The market during that time fell 35.4%. In May, a bull market began that lasted until January 1973 and brought a 124% gain in stock values.

2. In April 1981, another bear market commenced that lasted nearly a year and brought a 24.7% decline. Then, in March of 1982, the market began to rise and continued doing so until June 1983, bringing an overall gain of 71.7%.

3. July 1990 brought a downward market that lasted three months, until October 1990, at which point equity prices had fallen 22.4%. Then, in the same month, a new, now legendary, bull market took hold and lasted nearly eight years, until July 1998, delivering a 330.7% gain for the market.

4. Dating back to 1975, 8 of the last 15 bull markets have started in the autumn months of September, October, and November.

5. Since 1957 there have been 15 bear markets, as measured from peak to trough, and on average they have lasted 10 months and brought an average decline of 29.4%.

6. The duration and degree of these bear markets were significantly less than the duration and magnitude of bull markets. During the same period, there were also 15 bull markets, which lasted, on average, 30 months and brought average gains of 112.5%.

10 key reminders for investors
1. Panics are based on emotion, and emotions can take on a life of their own. A herd-like mentality develops, and words that start to be used repetitively - such as "collapse," "endless," and "plunge" - only feed the frenzy. But it is important to remember that emotions are not your friend when it comes to making big decisions about your savings, retirement, or college money.

2. Individuals and the professional managers they hire to oversee their long-term assets are investors, not traders. There is a big difference. For investors, what matters is the long run, not today's events.

3. No one is alone in their concerns. We all have lots of company.

4. Panics and downturns are part of the free market system. They have occurred throughout history. While this knowledge may not ease the pain, these sharp, sudden downturns still have to be recognized as part of a cycle that often includes years of slow and steady upward progress.

5. Historically, bear markets, recessions, and market panics have been relatively brief in comparison with the duration of bull markets. Since World War II, economic expansions have, on average, lasted five times longer than recessions, and bull markets have been twice as long as bear markets.

6. Cyclical downturns have historically been connected to credit excesses. This time is no different. Prudence in borrowing will be rewarded in the next cycle.

7. Collapses do not bring everything to a halt. Even during the worst of down times, people still go about their lives, raising children, going to work, and planning for the future.

8. Risk-seeking in the markets has vanished. But the pursuit of risk is a normal state for the markets. U.S. Treasury bills may look smart today, but at some point risk-seeking will return. It always has.

9. The largest government bodies in the world have acted to lessen the severity of this crisis.

10. You cannot control events. You can only control your response to them.

Source: James Swanson, Chief Investment Strategist Corner.

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Small Potatoes

We are hosting a member of Barack Obama's staff for a few days. While we were discussing where he had been and what was available to him while he stayed with us he mentioned that all of his meals were consumed at campaign headquarters, meaning nothing but fast food or at best restaurant food.

With this in mind, I suggested to NanaK that all of the staffers might enjoy a home cooked meal. Since they put in a minimum of 12 hour days, 7 days a week, it was obvious we could not have them over for a meal so we decided to cook something to take to them. Since I am pretty good at smoking ribs, I thought that would be a good thing to feed them. NK suggested potato salad as the side dish and believe me, she makes a mean potato salad.

So, we went shopping this morning for the stuff we needed to prepare dinner for tomorrow evening since I am working there then. Since this was my idea, of course I wanted to help her out with the salad so I began peeling the spuds. That is when I did it.....I stepped all over my dick big time.

She said that she would cut the spuds up and I said that I would do it. Then she said that she did not like the way I cut them, I did not cut them small enough. Well, at that time I should have shut up and just let her cut them her way, but oh no, I couldn't do that! I had to act like I had some authority in the task and said, you're not the one that's going to eat the salad.

I might just have well as taken the knife and sliced my dick clean off after I said that. Here is a lesson for every man out there, if you want silence in the house go ahead and challenge she who must be obeyed. I guarantee you will get it.

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November 4, 2008

The election on 11/4 will determine not only how we proceed in the real war on terror but how we defeat the policies that have placed this country and the world in a global economic crisis. It will determine whether or not the millions of uninsured will have a chance to obtain affordable health care or whether or not we will reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. These issues and more will be decided upon by the electorate of this country in just under 1 month.

In the time left before the election I have decided to make an effort to provide an unbiased look at the issues. There will be enough mudslinging between now and 11/4 from both sides and your vote for the next President should be based on the issues, not some political hacks idea of an attention getting headline.

Today's issue is health care.

John McCain

Encourages individual initiative and cost control.

Overall plan:

People should be able to take their insurance plan with them when they change jobs. This would remove existing income tax breaks for corporations that provide an employer sponsored health plan. His plan calls for income tax credits of $2,500 for an individual or $5,000 per family to help purchase insurance and would he would expand the use of health savings accounts. Under this plan employers will not be required to provide coverage.

Cost Control:

Under his plan malpractice reforms will be enacted to limit lawsuits and damages awarded. Competition among providers will be encouraged and his plan promotes the use of alternative providers such as a nurse practitioner. His plan all calls for providing consumers more information on treatment offers.

Cost and benefit:

His campaign has not specified an overall cost. Independent examiners estimate that his plan could reduce the number of uninsured by approximately 1 million in 2009.

Barack Obama
Supports private and public contributions to reduce the number of uninsured.

Overall Plan:
His plan will result in the creation of a government regulated clearinghouse that will provide the opportunity to purchase insurance through a new public plan or private insurers. Small business will be provided with a tax credit as an incentive to provide coverage for employees. His plan would expand Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Under this plan employers with a specified number of employees will be required to provide health insurance or contribute a percentage of their payroll toward the cost of the new public plan.

Cost Control:
Utilize electronic health information systems, lower prescription drug costs and improve the prevention and management of chronic conditions.

Cost and Benefit:
When fully in place the overall plan cost is estimated to be $50 to $65 billion. Independent examiners estimate that his plan could reduce the number of uninsured by approximately 18 million in 1009.

Sources: Omaha World Herald/Kaiser Family Foundation/Brookings Institution/Tax Policy Center.

For a biased view of the candidates go to

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On Chickens, an Outhouse and Motorcycles

Along time ago there were two young men and both of them had their eye on a particular young lady. Not the same young lady and the two men had not yet met but they both wanted to impress the young lady they were fond of but did not want to cross the path of the parents of either. Neither was able to live up to the latter goal because of one similar incident.

The father of the first young lady, among other endeavors, raised chickens. The other young lady lived in a country house without indoor plumbing. Both young men met similar fates.

Now I don't claim to know all of the details but the stories I heard go something like this:

One day the first young man hopped on a motorcycle and being somewhat unfamiliar with the operation of said vehicle had a little trouble stopping it when he wanted to. The result was a breech of a section of the building that housed laying hens. Not only was there damage to the structure but because of the incursion, the hens were so shaken that they stopped laying or when they did lay the eggs were bloody.

The second youngster took his motorcycle, not to the chicken coop, but up to and into a newly constructed outhouse. Fortunately, it was vacant at the time, unfortunately for him it was not so new that it had not been put to use.

The episodes evidently were not serious enough to end any chance of a relationship for either of the men since both wound up marrying the young ladies in question, but they both wound up covered in shit

These two men were pictured in yesterday's blog, the one in first picture shown (my father) hit the chicken coop, the second Nana K's father) the outhouse.

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Wordless Wednesday

Picture #1

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