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Found - A long lost friend

I have been searching for years without any luck. I tried to find him when I visited Washington D.C. and I have searched and searched the internet. My real problem was I that I did not know his hometown only that he was from the Seattle area and really only knew him as Mac.

Today, because a friend sent me a link, I was able to find him. His name was Timothy James McMahon, born March 7, 1946, died September 18, 1966. He died because the human body is not built to withstand the intensity of a hand grenade exploding underneath it.

You see, Mac was a Navy Corpsman, his job was to save lives, patch a person up to give them a chance to make it to a hospital. This time he saved lives by giving his own.

It's been a long time my friend, I'm glad I finally found you.