Friday, July 23, 2010

People You Meet In Bars

While in Portland my brother and I visited the bar in the hotel where we were staying to have a beer before our family dinner.

We engaged in our normal anti Fox news conversation while a man (I'll call him Abe) & woman (I'll call her Marie) to our left were involved in a video conference on his Mac. As their conversation went on it became more profane with Marie telling the guy on the other end that he was fu#*ing full of s*it and did not know anything.

While we tried to carry on our own conversation it became more and more difficult to ignore Abe and Marie as the conversation became louder and more heated. The subject was "Chemtrails", those vapor trails that appear in the wake of military aircraft.

Marie is convinced that there is probable forensic evidence that the government is spraying us with chemical or biological agents, the guy on the other end was debunking her theory and Abe kept poking the stick and stiring the pot.

As we were about to finish our beer, I told my brother that I was amazed that he had not become involved in the conversation since he is one that always likes to stir the shit pot. He just kind of shrugged but when we got up to leave he walked over and told the two that he was from Santa Cruz and they knew all about Chemtrails there.

This excited Marie to the point that she put her arms around my brother and started rubbing her tits against his arm. This prompted Abe to mention that my brother was now getting a boob rub from a 16K boob job while Marie just kept asking my brother if she was right about chemtrails while Abe was kicking him in the leg trying to get him to say yes while the bartender and I were trying to control our laughter while the guy on the other end of the conversation kept insisting that anyone getting a boob rub like that would agree with anything.

Needless to say the entire family enjoyed the story during dinner.