Monday, February 28, 2011

Kind of Expected

On January 20th I sent Congressman Steve King, Iowa a message regarding his comments to Lawrence O'Donnell. My message was:

After watching your interview on "The Last Word" I am appalled that you would be willing to sacrifice an additional 21 citizens of Iowa or any other state by not supporting a restriction that would limit the number of rounds in a magazine to ten.

Your statement that someone would just solder two magazines together was moronic. If the shooter in Tucson had soldered two together, it is likely that he would have fired 21 fewer rounds and maybe a 9 year old girl or a Federal Judge would still be alive today.

I urge you to support legislation designed to eliminate the sale of high capacity magazines.

Today I received a response from Congressman King in which he rehashed who was shot and what a "...senseless act of violence..." it was, adding that he was "...deeply shocked and saddened..."

Evidently he was neither "shocked" or "saddened" enough to see beyond the spewing of the NRA and the gun lobby, nor did he address my main point which did not infer any restrictions on the ownership of guns (although I do not believe anyone needs to possess an automatic weapon for legitimate purposes), only on the high capacity magazines which are not mentioned as a right in the First or Second Amendment to our Constitution.

The main portion of his response, below, is simply a regurgitation of the right wing agenda:

"This tragedy is the work of a deranged individual, it is not the result of political rhetoric from either side of the aisle, and it could not have been prevented by tighter gun laws. Some in the media, and even some in Congress, have sought to use this tragedy for political gain and as a rallying cry for efforts to impose new restrictions on our First and Second Amendment rights. I oppose these efforts, and I will do all that I can to ensure our liberties and constitutional freedoms are not compromised."


Steve King
Member of Congress

He apparently places the liberty and constitutional freedom of some well above others.