Friday, June 29, 2007


I talk to myself alot. I also talk to things that will never respond (CK calls them inanimate objects, I use other, more colorful words). Most of my comments are directed toward golf balls, they just won't do what I want them to do. I talk to them right after they leave the club face - "dammit, don't go there" or "turn" (this comes out when I hit one straight that I expected to move significantly to the right, commonly known as a "slice"). They hardly ever listen, if I say kick right, the stupid ball always kicks left. I continue to talk to them ("run"or "sit") until they stop, not necessarily where I wanted them to wind up.

All of the golfers I know talk to their balls at one time or another and they talk to themselves too, mostly saying things like nice shot (insert name) when the ball goes about 20 feet after a mighty swing. Some have been known to give them a little kiss. Athough Johnny Carson may have thought so, I have never seen that cause a putter to stand up.


CamiKaos said...

at least when you talk to a golf ball it's real... the only golf balls I talk to (read YELL AT) are the ones on the Wii.

mielikki said...

doesn't talking to golf balls run in our family, anyhow?

Bubblewench said...

and your daughter is over there talking to her dining room table........ HM talks to his golf balls and his clubs... heh heh heh we all said balls.