Monday, March 23, 2009

Second Opinion

I saw an article today about soldiers that are not medically fit for combat duty. It seems that commanding officers, having gone through exactly zero years of medical school are apparently more qualified to determine fitness than the Doctors that have examined their patients and are bringing charges against anyone refusing to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan based on their Doctors advice.

It's bad enough that the Army has continued with its stop-loss policy by extending the enlistment period of soldiers that have completed their commitment but now they are sending individuals that may not be up to completing their assigned tasks for valid medical reasons.....over 40,000 of them since 2003.

I just have to wonder, how many of the 4,186 deaths or 30, 182 wounded were a direct or indirect result of sending medically unfit personnel into a war zone.

Just another notch in the belt of the Bush/Cheney legacy.

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