Monday, December 21, 2009

All We Get Is Coal

The Senate was finally able to gather up 60 votes to bring what they call health care reform to a vote. So what will it provide?

1. Access to coverage for 31 million Americans that are or may be currently without health insurance.

Depending on the source, there are anywhere between that 31 million figure and up to 86 million over that last 2 years. That leaves 55 million still without insurance if you believe that there are 86 million uninsured. And the bill only provides for access, with fines up to $2,250.00 per family by 2016.

2. Single people with an income of less than $43,320.00 will qualify for a sliding subsidy scale and families of 3 (and I assume or more) will qualify for the subsidy with an income of $73,240.00 or less.

According to the U. S. Census 32.6% of the households in America are 2 person households. That equals 68,836,092 million people in 2 person households. I can't tell from these figures how many 2 person married couples there are, but I'm sure it is a significant amount and they will not be qualified for the subsidies.

3, There will be no Public Option. There will be 2 nations insurance plans, 1 non-profit and 1 for-profit. The plans will only be offered to those without employer sponsored health insurance.

So, if you currently have employer provided insurance that you can no longer afford either you don't qualify or you would have to give up your current plan to qualify for something that may not provide the same type of coverage (that is if you can qualify by giving up your present plan).

4. There is an "age rating" provision that will allow private insurers to price premiums up to THREE TIMES HIGHER for older people.

According to the 2000 census there were 35 million people age 65 & up, living on retirement income that has dwindled significantly that will be forced to pay higher premiums for any Medicare supplement plan.

So, back to my original question, what will the Senate bill provide? Not much beyond adding a new segment of poverty and possibly and increase in the divorce rate (you see, single people qualify for the subsidy).

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