Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I hate John McCain

In 1965 I joined the United States Marine Corps. At the time I knew I would end up as possible cannon fodder in Vietnam. I did so knowingly in the hope that any children that I may have in the future would never have to experience the horrors of war.

In 1914 my grandfather went into the trenches of Europe as a Marine in the hope that any child of his would not have to face the horrors of war.

In 1941, my father faced the same decision and he went to war against the Germans (too bad he was in the Army, not the Marines) to keep family from having to face battle in the future.

Luckily, none of my progeny have had to go into battle to save America. But tonight, Senator McCain belittled me and my ancestors when he said that we lost face by giving up in Vietnam and he would consider Senator Obama's plan to be giving up in Iraq.

The plan of a phased withdrawal in Iraq after 7 years of occupation is not giving up. To compare the conflicts in Vietnam and Iraq are an insult to all of the soldiers that have served in both. Even though we were drawn into both wars through misinformation and arrogance the two conflicts cannot be compared or used to justify one or the other or to continue in one or the other.

As a veteran of the Vietnam conflict I say shame on you Senator McCain, even though you suffered as a result of your service, don't you dare insinuate that we are bailing on another country after every thing this country has done during a war that we should not have in been involved from the beginning.

But guess what John, as long as there are bullying bastards like you leading countries, fathers will go to war so their sons don't have to.

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