Friday, December 12, 2008


There is a song by the Chambers Brothers, Time Has Come Today, that I used to have as a ring tone on my cell assigned to our realtor. If you understand the logic of that you may be as optimistic as I sometimes try to be but mostly I remain a cynic that cannot possibly believe that any good can come when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

A friend that convinced me to join a civic group, even though I have never been one to do such a thing, has lately been harassing me because I have not attended the meetings of said group. You see, they take place every Thursday at 0700 (that's 7:00AM for you non-military types).

Now during the Spring, Summer and Fall season I don't seem to have a problem waking early enough to attend the sessions, but once Jack Frost appears and the 2nd blanket hits the bed, I don't seem to be able to pull my sorry ass out of the warmth surrounding me that early in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon he called me, after I missed yet another meeting, to see if I wanted a wake up call each Thursday. I told him if I wanted that I could set an alarm. But you see, since I retired, time has no meaning.

Oh, by the way, happy birthday mom!

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