Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Toilet Anniversary

370 days ago I published "A Kaotic Mystery". 370 days later I am forced to write a mia culpa because you see I tried to drown my own cell phone yesterday. Th

The story is no where near as interesting or funny and the ending was quite different since I was able to retrieve said phone before any damage could be done. But none the less I must admit it is quite simple to have a cell phone fall into a toilet.

This one did not fall out of my pocket as was the case in the story a year ago. I was just getting ready to spend a little time in the loo and was going to set my phone down next to the sink. For some reason my hand decided to throw the damned thing instead and guess where it headed? Straight for the toilet of course. Before it hit the water a very loud god-dammit passed my lips.

Not knowing what had just occurred, NanaKaos asked if I was OK. By that time I had rescued said implement from it's downward journey to become hopeless stuck just like last year and fortunately it did not appear to suffer any water related damage. That is most important since I have only had the phone a little over a month after losing my prior phone on November 1.

The moral of the story: 1. Don't walk into a restroom with your cell phone in your coat pocket and 2. if your hand has a mind of its own, don't carry your cell phone on approach to a toilet.

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people who live in glass bathrooms shouldn't throw phones.