Friday, January 29, 2010

Police Order - No Parking

As some of you already know, we live near a high school. Most of the time this is not a problem but because the school does not allow Freshman to park in the school parking lot, we sometimes have a problem with cars parked in our neighborhood, not to mention the trash they throw out on the street, especially when there is snow on the ground.

This past week, I called the school twice to complain about the parking situation. There is a police officer on duty at the school (it is his full time assignment, sad as it is). The first time I called he said he was aware of the problem and had already driven through the neighborhood....although nothing was done and it was just the same the next day. So, I waited a couple of days and after I saw the garbage truck (it was trash day) stop at the beginning of our street and then drive on I called again. All I got was "are they illegally parked"?

I asked the officer if it was legal to block a mailbox with a parked vehicle or if was legal to park in such a way that an emergency vehicle like a fire truck or ambulance could not get response. He suggested I call the city to have them do a better job of cleaning up the snow and I hung up.

Yesterday, when NK when out to get the mail, she saw the sign, actually there were many signs,

up and down the street. No Parking signs.....on the opposite side of the street from our house.

Now I hope we won't see this anymore:

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