Saturday, March 1, 2008

Musing in March - Of Grills and Things

There are signs that Spring may soon be with us, something to take us out of this 3 month funk that has on occasion forced us to hide inside, only venturing past the warmth of front door to gather up the mail or pick up this Sunday paper. What signs are these you ask?

Well for one, a few days ago NK saw a male cardinal in all it's glorious red splendor. They like us seem to hide somewhere during the colder portion of our year. The next sign was the ladybug that NK saw just outside, then another that had managed to invite itself inside (she gently helped in back outdoors).

Yet another feeling that makes me think our colder days are numbered is that we have finally reached March, a birth month, when life jumps forward, starting like a lamb bounding over a small fence (at least that is what we have here) or in some locations like a lion, racing with the wind as if it might be the final kill.

It doesn't hurt that it will be pushing or surpassing 60 today either. I can just hear the sound of the neighborhood kids outside, the noise is laughter, not the grumbling of having to shovel snow. Oh yes, and I can also hear all of those squeaky grill hinges opening (I wonder if anyone is cooking lamb), a true sign that we are about to be reborn.


mielikki said...

I was so going to light up Peter Parker today, but didn't find the right size Propane for him. But tomorrow, for sure! And no, we are not having lamb.

mielikki said...
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