Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Scene

The Visitor that didn't show up

If you live in Vermont or Rhode Island you must be feeling neglected these past few days. In any event, the candidates have not paid any attention to you because of Ohio and Texas. Just consider yourselves fortunate, you don't want all of "those people" cluttering up your highways and byways anyway.

What's the difference?

Our local paper had a picture in it this morning that sparked a little conversation. The article is about Super delegates (they should do away with them) but that is not what prompted the discussion. It is a subtle thing but it really stands out if you think of it and it what the choice is really all about when it comes down to it.

Do you see it? It's right there in front of you.

Just look at the signs, the predominant feature on each one. You see it now don't you?

For one candidate the message is about an idea, something that can be accomplished. For the other, well let's just say it's pretty clear what is important to the good Senator from New York. The sign says it all, it is all about Hillary and that, to quote John McCain, my friends is why we can't afford to have another Clinton in the White House.

On the odd side of the news:

Dateline Des Moines, Iowa - the robber of a Des Moines Git-N-Go got away with $115.00 early Friday but it's what he left behind that qualifies him for the crooks are stupid award. At sometime during the robbery he removed his jacket (hot flashes?) and inside one of the pockets was a W-2 form. When the name on the form was checked it turned out to be a 25-year-old with a suspended driver's license who is on probation for theft.

He has apparently now placed himself in a very taxing situation.

Dateline Pasco, Washington - a man had his friend shoot him in the shoulder so he wouldn't have to go to work. At first, Daniel Kuch told deputies that he was a victim of a drive by shooting while he was out jogging. It turns out that he was really trying to get out of a few days of the old grind and at the same time avoid a drug test. Both men have been arrested, Daniel for filing a false report and his unnamed friend for reckless endangerment.

No word from Daniel's employer but I'd bet that it is really safe to say that they are a former employer.

Last but certainly not least, I don't know if it my own typing or something trying to get out so we all know the true story but when I was searching for some information on the Clinton campaign earlier, I kept typing Clingon (I know it is normally spelled with a K but this may be an new strain) in the search engine. This may require further investigation!


mielikki said...

Clingon sounds about right....
and to have someone shoot you to get out of work is about as stupid an idea as I have EVER read. Darwin MUST be rolling over with laughter from his grave.

sybil law said...

Excellent, the whole post!

The Ferryman said...

Are Vermont and Rhode Island even states anymore? I thought we weeded them and the Dakotas out...

sybil law said...

Update: I KNOW of a lot of pople - and I mean a LOT - who voted for Clinton so that Mccain can have an easy path to the presidency. I can't believe how much that pissed me off!
Also, Obama won in my county, thank God.
Still. Upsetting.