Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night (actually I'm writing this right after the game) unranked Fresno State won it's 2nd game against a ranked team, beating North Carolina 5 - 3. Not a slug fest like their win over Rice on Sunday (17 -5) but a thrilling victory none the less and the 350 to 400 Bulldog fans that traveled from Fresno were loving it.

But that's not the main story today, actually it starts with a question, and the question is, if you pay good money to go to the CWS shouldn't you watch the game and let those of us that want to do just that enjoy it? Well, you would think so but some people can't keep their ass in a chair or their mouth shut.

My assigned seat was next to a 300 plus pound gentlemen on my left and a woman from Ohio (not Sybil) on my right who kept an ongoing conversation with a woman and her two daughters in front of us about where all the good shopping was and where could she get some good nachos (hint, you really can't in Omaha). The recommendation from the native was to go to a place that serves a combination of Mexican food and pizza whose slogan in nacho typical restaurant. Again, no, no, NO!

After the 4th inning I had all I could stand of that so I found an empty seat right behind one of the main walkways. Unfortunately, it turned out to be another gabfest location in addition to what seemed like the only way to get to the food vendors and the restrooms. I had to bob and weave more than Ali ever did in the ring, just to see the game.

The worst of it were the 3 young men, North Carolina fans, that had obviously overused the beer gardens prior to the game and apparently violated stadium rules that prohibited bringing in any liquid, intoxicating or otherwise. When they decided to leave the seats they had purchased and moved into a section dominated by Fresno State fans, things got a little testy. A member of the security staff, followed by a couple of ushers confronted the unruly fans first. They left the section but returned with 5 members of the local sheriffs department and the 3 were escorted from the premises to the applause of everyone nearby. Unfortunately, the unruly bastards thought they were being taken to the beer garden and continued to celebrate all the way out. I don't think they have a beer garden and the county jail!

So people, if you go the the ballgame and take your kids, glue their ass to the seat and put tape over their mouths. It's not a who's who society gathering and it is not the place to show your intoxicated ass. Just let us watch the game.

Oh, and, go Bulldogs!


mielikki said...


glad those unruly asshats got taken out. I would bring a staple gun for the loose lips, next time....

sybil law said...

Hear Hear!
But I'd have had a lot of fun sitting next to you! :)