Thursday, October 2, 2008

On Chickens, an Outhouse and Motorcycles

Along time ago there were two young men and both of them had their eye on a particular young lady. Not the same young lady and the two men had not yet met but they both wanted to impress the young lady they were fond of but did not want to cross the path of the parents of either. Neither was able to live up to the latter goal because of one similar incident.

The father of the first young lady, among other endeavors, raised chickens. The other young lady lived in a country house without indoor plumbing. Both young men met similar fates.

Now I don't claim to know all of the details but the stories I heard go something like this:

One day the first young man hopped on a motorcycle and being somewhat unfamiliar with the operation of said vehicle had a little trouble stopping it when he wanted to. The result was a breech of a section of the building that housed laying hens. Not only was there damage to the structure but because of the incursion, the hens were so shaken that they stopped laying or when they did lay the eggs were bloody.

The second youngster took his motorcycle, not to the chicken coop, but up to and into a newly constructed outhouse. Fortunately, it was vacant at the time, unfortunately for him it was not so new that it had not been put to use.

The episodes evidently were not serious enough to end any chance of a relationship for either of the men since both wound up marrying the young ladies in question, but they both wound up covered in shit

These two men were pictured in yesterday's blog, the one in first picture shown (my father) hit the chicken coop, the second Nana K's father) the outhouse.


NanaKaos said...

Is it any wonder that both gentlemen
joined the military and went off to war. They had to wait for the feathers to stop flying and the shit to settle.
I'm glad the uproar died die long enough to allow "Us" to happen.

mielikki said...

interesting. I'd never heard either of those stories before. Loved NK's comment

CamiKaos said...

:) I come from a long line of prestigious screw ups. :)

Bubblewench said...

that is a great story