Saturday, October 18, 2008

Despicable Bastards

There are very few people that I can say I truly dislike (that is short for hate) and most of them I have have not met and don't even know. They are out there though, lurking in the deep dark water like a carp, sucking things up from the mud. Today we experienced the impact of those that dwell in the wasteland and don't have the courage to do their dirty deeds in broad daylight.

We have proudly displayed the sign below in our yard and two of our neighbors had similar signs.

This morning we woke up to find that some despicable person or persons (we suspect that is was a McCain supporter) had removed the sign from our property and from the property of our other neighbors. This has happened frequently in our fair city and many Obama supporters have started to coat their signs with various liquids. We now have a new sign that has been sprayed with PAM so if someone steals this one at least they will have a hand that is as slippery as they are.

This type of activity is no different than someone at a McCain/Pailin campaign event yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" in reference to Senator Obama. Even though McCain claims that he refutes this type of action, his campaign continues to progress the terrorist affiliation in their Robo propaganda calls thus encouraging his supporters to disrespect our right to freedom of expression.

So now we have a new sign that was hand painted with care by the staff at the local Obama campaign headquarters.

The sign is 4' x 8' and if someone steals this, we will replace it with another of similar size, or larger and will continue to put up new signs until after the election.


Anonymous said...

love the new sign, but pissed off the other was stolen

Bubblewench said...

Had to come back and comment again. One of our neighbors had a sign that got stolen as well. He got a new sign, stapled it to a 4'x8' piece of wood, and spray painted above the sign "You can steal our sign, but you can't steal our votes!"

I really want to get a picture of it. It's awesome.