Friday, October 24, 2008

How was your Thursday?

For the past couple of months I have been doing volunteer work in hopes of a successful campaign to elect Barack Obama.

For about 2 hours several nights a week I make phone calls, the type I always hated to receive because I felt the caller was imposing on my private time. Most of the calls go unanswered, probably because caller ID shows Democratic Party. When they don't answer, we just keep trying until they tell us they are going to vote for Sen. Obama or because they voted early their name is removed from the call list.

When someone does answer for the most part they are respectful, even if they support McCain. I talked to one small business owner who was leaning toward McCain and by the end of our conversation I had convinced him to at least take another look at Obama by going to his WEB site and reading up on his tax plan....well at least he said he would.

Then again, there are some that are not so nice, they slam the phone down or they pick up and play like they are not there. But there is one that I will not forget, she is from Oakland, Iowa and when she answered the phone last night she said "this is an independent household you commie pinko", click.

I'd like to say this did not hurt me but I can't. Oh, I considered the source, laughed it off and shared the calls content with the others around me. But it did hurt....not my person but my soul because this type of person can't get past their petty nature.

So, have I become one of those assholes that interrupts a peaceful evening? Probably, but at least it's not a computer calling with a vicious attack message.

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Bubblewench said...

Oh, and I bet she's got a gunrack in her pickup too. small minded people usually do.