Friday, February 22, 2008

Sprinting to get Nexteled, Part 2

Are you back? How was your drink or did you bring it back with you?

The story continues:

Fresh and fit this morning I call Sprint to splain the issue, quite frankly, I did not think much of their new and improved system.

"C" from outer slobovia takes my call and attempts to get things fixed. After we get the user name issue settled we move on to the password. He says he will send me temp pw that I can will get via text message. It goes to NK's phone, just like the ring tone last night.

I once again explain to "C" at Sprint that the text message is not getting to the right phone. After waiting on hold for about 5 minutes "C" comes back and attempts to correct the problem. After a couple of minutes the man from O.S. says that all is now well, thanks me for using Sprint and with trepidation and skepticism I end our conversation.

Since the battery on Della is getting a little weak (my fitness is coming into question and I'm no longer feeling fresh) I trod on upstairs (I caught a slight cold from the Kaos family when I talked to CK on the phone the other day so I was sitting in front of a very nice fire in the living room) to give Della a power boost and make another attempt to get my ring tone.

While I am able to access my account, unlike before I still cannot get the system to send the download message to my phone, the download message goes straight to NK's phone and it's back to Sprint customer service for me.

This time I get lucky and get someone on the phone apparently from this country. Not only does she know what she is doing, after a brief explanation of the problem, she knows that because of the "new" Nextel way of doing things, I will have to create new user names, passwords, pins and go through another refrain of Alice's Restaurant for each phone on the account.

Bottom line, before yesterday I could manage each line with one log in. Now that we have 3 phones, if I want to do something special to a particular line, I have to log in to that unit.

I told the young lady that this was not an improvement for the customer, she said it was for her, I said I thought maybe that the customer base might be dissatisfied with that and that I hoped that "this call is being monitored for quality purposes".

I did finally get my ring tone and now if Obama ever calls me I'll hear Time Has Come Today.

Thanks Nextel!


mielikki said...

Oh now I have to really hope Obama calls you. Cool download.
But the rest of it?
What an irritating mess. I cannot believe you have to have all that separate crap for one account, under your own name,,,

sybil law said...

You have to wonder who the asshat in charge of these things is...

Bubblewench said...

What a mess.. I think I have to post about my experience with CS last week... I just have to figure out how to word it correctly...