Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Can You Trust

I have struggled all day to think of something I could post. I had a few things but they required research and I just have not had the time (even retired people have things to do) to finish my queries.

Then I got the call.

It came from Sprint.

I did not get to the phone in time, so I had to check my voicemail.

It seems I had ordered something from them (unbeknownst to moi) and they were calling to confirm the order.

Needless to say, I was curious. I wanted to know what it was that I had ordered so I returned the call.

Thankfully, the person that left me the voicemail spoke english. She did speak a little fast and the enunciation, therefore, could have been a little better. I only had to listen to it 3 times to get the order number and return phone number.

Unfortunately, when I called Sprint, I did not get to talk to the same english speaking person. I think I was connected with someone that was eating oatmeal at the time of our conversation.

Maybe it is the headsets they wear but invariably whenever I talk to someone in customer service (disservice?) I have trouble understanding them and today was no exception.

I found myself nodding alot and saying yes or OK, just like I used to do when some incessant babbler droned on and on while I was trying to get something done at work (someone like Rudy - GG knows who that is).

Anyway, as I babble on, it seems that yesterday, someone from Margate, Florida was able to convince Sprint that they were me and the address on my account was changed and they ordered a new phone (to be shipped to them at my expense).

I have the address and through the magic of the internet reverse phone book listing, even the name and land line phone number of the person at that address. I have called the phone number 3 answer.

The disturbing part of all of this is that Sprint told me that they were able to correctly provide my password to my account and.....

get this.....

my Social Security Number.

At this point, miss oatmeal garbeled mouth continued to ramble on and I became slack jawed.

Wait, hold on, I said. Stop! They gave Sprint my SSN? Do you know what that means?

Sound of no concern followed!

Our conversation continued with little understanding on my part (oatmeal residue) except for the part that it was important that I change my password (I had already done that) and that they would not accept any orders without the correct password (gee, that's a novel concept that I had to question since evidently the person that ordered the phone had already given them both my password and my SSN).

So we parted ways in a rather inamicable fashion. I don't know what they did, but I checked Equifax to see if any odd new accounts or charges had appeared (everything looks OK right now)and changed the address on my Sprint account back to the original (miss mushmouth said she had done that but when I checked it was still the address in Fla.)

The only other thing I have done was to call said number in Fla. (from the reverse listing) and finally left a vmx telling the voicemail that I was considering talking to our local gendarmes about possible fraud.


CamiKaos said...

Considering? You should do more than consider, the sooner the better.

holly said...


how did someone get your ssn?! my *husband* doesn't even know my ssn. to be fair, he can't remember my middle name. my point is still valid.

i have a related silly thing. (okay, silly is not the word for yours, but it is mine). my online banking has a picture that i've picked. when i log on, i'm to verify this is the picture i chose. sorry, if i'm *not* me, i'm *probably* going to say "oh yeah, that's the picture i chose." it's not a *choice* of pictures. it is "is this your picture?"
wtf? i'd LOVE to meet the person behind *that* security protocol. for some smackin'.

holly said...

okay, i'm willing to admit the "if i'm not me" didn't make any sense. if *someone* wasn't me.

that's not any better.

i'll go now.

sorry, daddyk!!!

mielikki said...

thats frightening. And yes, the local gendarmie should be notified, in case the asshat in Fla. decides to sell "you" to someone else.

sybil law said...

Call the freaking police! That is awful!
My freaking bank card was used by someone RIGHT before Christmas, which made Christmas shopping a real pain in the arse. I was so, so pissed. It was used on 2 separate online web related purchases. Thankfully, the bank realized it was a mistake, but still.
I hate people.

julie said...

I hate identity theft. Did you do a fraud alert with the credit bureaus?

DaddyKaos said...

Julie: Yes, I did issue a fraud alert, nothing showing up.

I even talked to the person at the address listed. It sounds like a case of a Sprint screw-up.

In any case I am watching things closely.

Bubblewench said...

I'd be all over the police with this guy. And yes, keep an eye on all your reports.