Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Follies - It's the weather stupid!

If it is true, as the very Rev. John Hagee has stated, that the devastation wrought by hurricane Katrina was due to the plan by the city of New Orleans to hold some type of gay festival then you have to ask, what in the hell is Missouri planning, or Arkansas, or even Texas. It must be something big to piss God off enough to send all those tornadoes swirling around their neighborhoods. Maybe not as big as what New Orleans had planned but whatever it is it can't be insignificant.

In Missouri, maybe it has something to do with the Victorian Dance at the Anderson house on May 3rd in Lexington. You know how things got out of hand in the Victorian era. A good tornado might make them think twice about such a raucous event as this. Or maybe it is because of the Senior Citizens Trout Fishing tournament in Salem on May 8th. You never know what those crazy over 60 seniors will do once they dip their line in the water.

What about Arkansas, is it an attempt to send a message to Huckabee that he should not consider any offer of a Vice-Presidency with McCain? Or is it God telling Hillary to cut the shit and stop fucking things up, telling her to drop out or New York is next.

And Texas, what can you say, just about anything can happen there. After all "W" was Governor there and will "retire" to his little spread to cut brush and chop wood just like Ronnie did when he was through screwing things up. I wonder what Hagee thinks his home state has done to deserve the wrath of the Weatherman?

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