Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Phoenix Has Landed (But there are still homeless in New Orleans)

I know, here he goes again, on and on about New Orleans. God, you'd think I was from there the way I carry on but every time I see what I consider a waste of $$ like digging up a little dirt or maybe finding a little ice on Mars, I just have to wonder about those folks that lost everything to Katrina.

One of the goals of the project (Phoenix) was to determine if there was ice on the planet yet according to a press release on June 2, 2005 "NASA has given the green light to a project to put a long-armed lander on to the icy ground of the far-northern Martian plains."

So, I have to ask, if they projected a landing on the icy ground, why in the hell did we spend $386 million dollars? They already knew the ground was icy so maybe they thought it might be cherry flavored?

Now I know we don't need the ice because we let tons of it sit while it was needed after the hurricane. And in the short term, what will we gain if we find a micro-organism or some ice crystals in the soil on the red planet? Are we going to settle there? If so, who will go? Maybe we can get the Sunni faction to consider it. That might help in the Middle East.

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mielikki said...

see, you just think too logically....