Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Roll of the Dice (or don't leave home without them)

Subtitle: Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

If you have ever been to New Orleans you have probably run into a kid who will bet you he can tell you "where you got dem shoes". If you happened to take the bet, I'm pretty sure you lost it unless someone filled you in before your trip. If you have not been there and plan to go someday, don't fall for the trap (answer at the end of this post).

But speaking of shoes, what you see below is a picture of all of the shoes owned by the Kaos family, Midwest (about 20 pair).

The majority of the shoes in this picture are 10 or more years old. The total cost of this pile of shoes? We estimate it at approximately at one half the cost of one pair of shoes that look like the one below from a manufacturer's ad.

Would you spend $260.00 per shoe? Do you own 10 houses or have access to a corporate jet (courtesy of your spouse) for all of your travels? If you do, you would probably want to to vote for the Republican running for President this year.

Here is a picture of the proud wearer of these shoes (can you guess where he got the shoes?) Oh by the way there is someone else we know that he seems to like to hang with is in the picture).

But, if you would not or don't, I would guess that he might not be the person you would think of as someone who might understand what it is like to make your way through this thing called life. Think about it, it's not just about experience in Washington (by the way, that is not necessarily a good thing is it?).

Answer to question # 1....when you get a bet that someone can tell you where you got dem shoes while in New Orleans (or anywhere else), take the bet and tell them that you got dem on your feet.

Answer to question # 2, well, mommy didn't buy them, John McCain's shoes are none other than Salvatore Ferragamo Pregiato shoes that retail for $520 at Neiman Marcus.

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