Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Stupid Zone

There is one area that is specifically reserved for the male of the species. It is called the stupid zone, and we frequently place ourselves into it.

It can apply to everything we do. We get there in various ways: a trip to a strip club will put one in the "zone", just a few drinks and a few well placed bills can lead to a lap dance and a lap dance just enhances the magnitude of stupid.

I first noticed it on the golf course after a good drive on a par 5, with the wind at my back I actually begin to believe I can hit my next shot 275 yards to the pin with a 3 wood. Of course, I am smack dab in the middle of the stupid zone and will generally either top the ball, causing it to roll around 15 to 20 yards or hit it straight into the tallest grass on the course. In that case I would wind up with a lost ball, and a one stroke penalty....out in 1, back in 2, hitting 3. Since I am still in the stupid zone I might even try the same shot again, out in 3, back in 4 and hitting 5...still 275 yards from the pin.

But what really got me thinking about the stupid zone tonight was that today I noticed that the speedometer on my car went up to 160 mph. When a man sees that, what is his first thought? Well it has to be I wonder if I can really get this thing to go 160? Tempting me, calling me, see if it will do it.

Since I was on a city street, my basic instinct was to resist, fight the feeling. So I did, resist the temptation that is, at least for now. But now that the vision is there, every time I look at the dashboard I will see the number....160 and I'll be back in the zone. I just hope it doesn't happen on some dark deserted straight away where I might just think I can hit that shot.

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NanaKaos said...

you haven't had a speeding for several years now, long enough that it doesn't affect our insurance rates. Please, resist the urge. For our budget sake, Stupid Zone indeed, just plan "man". Love NanaKaos