Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things to do in Denver when your'e dead

And let's face it folks, the campaign of HRC is dead. So what are the first words out of the mouth of the first speaker televised? Why it is Nancy Pelosi kissing HRC's ass, thanking her for her hard work as a candidate.

If any of you watched any of MSNBC's coverage yesterday afternoon you may have seen Chris Matthews talking to 3 women from a group called PUMA (stands for party unity my ass) that are die hard Clinton supporters (actually Matthews eventually called them wackos). In spite of all of the evidence to the contrary, these 3 idiots insist that Barack Obama is a "registered" Muslim.

At first they talked about a Congressional report that confirmed this, then waffled and said that there was a former Congressional investigator that produced the evidence.

When Matthews asked for more specifics the apparent leader of the 3 said I'm not going to tell you. Where in the hell have you people been for the last 7 years? Are you looking forward to more of the same? You need to clean out your little PUMA sandbox because Tommy Smothers is not going to do it for you.

Here is a suggestion for you and your PUMA group. Buy yourselves the Hell Freezes Over CD by the Eagles and play the first cut over and over until you get it or to be more to the point "Get (the fuck) Over It"

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