Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day - Cheers & Jeers

Jeers - to the voters of Arizona (and not just for McCain)

By a margin of 12% the voters of Arizona vote to recognize a union between one man and one woman as a valid or recognized marriage. The 18-29 age group voted against the measure by a margin of 4%.

Jeers - to the voters in Arkansas.

By a margin of 14%, the populace of Arkansas voted to not recognize the gay population as contributing citizens of this country by denying them the right to become foster parents or to adopt a child. The only group to vote against this measure was the 18-29 age group but not by a wide margin (10%).

Jeers - to Californiacators

The trend setters voted to ban gay marriage by a margin of only 4%. The 18-29 crowd voted against the ban by 22% but the old fogies voted for it by the same margin. The middle crowd, 30 - 64 carried the day. The voters of Florida also deserve a jeer for the same reason.

Cheers - to the voters of Colorado

They turned down a measure that would have amended the state constitution to define the term "person" to include "any human being from the moment of fertilization." The measure would essentially have had the effect of banning abortion.

Cheers - to Iowa voters

Iowa voters decided to change the language of the State Constitution to describe people not entitled to legally vote by removing the phrase "idiot or insane person" and adding a "person adjudged mentally incompetent to vote."

Cheers - to Michigan voters

The proud people in Michigan voted to allow for the use of medical marijuana and to allow stem cell research.

Cheers to Washington voters.

The fine people of Washington voted to allow for medical mercy when individuals are not predicted to live longer than 6 months (I don't like the term assisted suicide).

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Anonymous said...

some good things happened Tuesday... But sadly some complete bullshit was furthered as well.