Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shattered Dreams

We live in a very quiet, safe neighborhood or at least it was that way until sometime last night or very early this morning.

Every Sunday I get up and go out to get the Sunday paper. We don't get one any other day of the week so we kind of look forward to going through it. I read the sports, the editorials and the national and international news sections. Oh, I forgot the comics.

Normally I will go through the garage, out the side door and through our gate. We seldom use our front door. This morning, for some reason I went out the front door to pick the paper up and when I headed back to our house I noticed something different. There was something about one of our windows that did not look right.

Then I realized what it was, someone had taken a shot at our house and there was a good sized hole in the glass and the window was cracked up and left and down and right. I looked around a little to see if there were any signs that any other houses had been defiled and did not see any.

When I went inside the first thing I did was to call the police. An officer showed up within about 10 minutes, looked at the glass, asked if there was any other damage, said it looked like it came from a pellet gun, took my name, phone number and SSN, gave me an incident number and left. He also commented on the 20 or so turkeys strolling through our cul-de-sac. They were everywhere, on lawns and walking down the middle of the street....he had to swerve around them when he entered the neighborhood and it is one of the things we really love about living here.

Nana Kaos wanted some pictures of the turkeys so she grabbed her camera but they were all gone, guess they are afraid of the police. Anyway before she went back in she saw the projectile that attacked our window.

As you can see, it was a pretty good sized pellet. We were lucky it did not penetrate the window completely and come through into the house. If it had it would probably have hit our china cabinet causing damage that would have enraged me well beyond the pissed off feeling I already had.

Since our house is on the market I had to call our real estate agent to let her know that until we can get the window replaced it would be best if we did not show the house. I would not want to have to explain how such a wonderful neighborhood has to contend with random shootings.

All we can hope is that it was some kid out fucking around and that we were not targeted for some reason.


Xithor said...

Okay Dad, time to burn the place and collect the insurance. We have got to get you guys out of there.

Bubblewench said...

What xithor said. We all want you out of there.

mielikki said...

yes its time for you to move