Friday, October 12, 2007

Digging Up Bones

Recently, the Gipper was unearthed. The Gipper was immortalized by double R when he portrayed George Gipp in Knute Rockne, All American in 1940. The Knute, the coach at Notre Dame, wanted his team to win one for the Gipper, an all time great in college football.

So, why did the Gipp come up 6 feet? It seems there are a couple of people out there that want a piece of Gipp pie. So, he was exhumed, DNA tested and planted back where he was resting. Why is this news? Because the family wanted this to be a private thang. Rick Frueh, whose grandmother was one of Gipp's sisters, and who authorized the exhumation said Thursday in a statement, "The disinterment of the body of George Gipp is of personal and private interest to our family. Please respect our wishes to keep this matter private."

So everyone bent over backward to respect the families wishes right? Wrong again kemosabe.
" ESPN cameras were present at the exhumation, and E:60, the network's new magazine show, will chronicle the story in the coming weeks."


Come on, we are not talking about Barry Bonds or Kobe Bryant. The man has been dead for 87 years. There is no picture of him kicking a dog, nothing. I know the Enquirer feels it has to delve into any private matter it thinks might stir up a little stink, but ESPN covering this like an OJ trial is going a little to far. Back off Boomer, leave the Gipp alone.