Thursday, October 18, 2007

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According to, respect can be defined as esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person. Let’s examine that definition in relation to the leaders of our fine country. First, let us start with the current president, then we will move on to the top candidates for president in 2008.

I believe that it is not possible to respect a liar and that in itself eliminates our president. But he has done more than lie that causes me to disrespect the man. We all would like to respect the office but so many of our latest efforts to find someone worthy of any modicum of respect have resulted in complete failure.

George W. Bush

The presidential lie. I’m not really sure where to start here but I guess it will be with his acceptance of the office in January 2001. He did not win the election and taking the oath of office was not only a direct insult to the voters, it was the ultimate lie to the American public and to himself.

Presidential disrespect: It is obvious that he has never respected the American people (I won’t even comment on his treatment of foreign leaders). Since his theft in 2001, he has ignored the wishes of the public to aggrandize his own failed agenda. From no child left behind to the situation in the Middle East, he has continued to ignore the proper course not to mention the wishes of the voting public. Only the stupidity of the American voter allowed him to continue with his arrogant approach to the world stage. His selection of individuals like Cheney and Ashcroft and the Gonzales only re-stated his contempt for the public.

The prior president did nothing to cause the public to respect the office so there is not much more to say there. In my mind, the last president we had that deserved any respect was Carter.

Current Democratic Candidates:

Hillary Clinton

Respect is hard to come by here, she has already claimed the nomination and did not have the sense to get rid of Bill and only because of presidential ambitions did she not leave when the going got good.

John Edwards

While I would like to think he deserves some respect he tries to make us believe he is just a simple man of the people when in fact he lives the life of someone most of us could not hope to achieve. Admire maybe, respect, nope, he is just another politician trying to sell us a bridge or some ocean front property that he does not own.

Barack Obama

This is probably the candidate that most closely resembles someone worthy of trust. His demeanor is homespun and he appears to have many of the qualities that could lead some to respect his abilities. Deep down, he is probably 1 or 2 terms away from the experience one should have (this could also become a positive in his favor since he will not be labeled as one of the established theocrats).

The Others
Not one iota for respect for the rest, they only want the power and will do and say anything to get it.


I can’t respect any of them. I used to think that McCain might be someone to consider but he has become a sad representation of all of the others that have run for the office and failed.

The only individual I have less respect for than all of the above is Ralph Nader.

Let’s look at how the primaries are shaping up. All of the democratic and republican leaders within the states are trying to move their caucuses/primaries ahead of the rest of them and they may be separate from each other. It will be complete chaos if this continues, not to mention what it will cost to complete the electoral circus.

So, what do we do? My suggestion is that the entire American voting public boycott the 2008 primaries. Don’t vote in any primary, don’t participate in any caucus. Let's take it straight to the convention to see who survives. Kind of like kill em all and let God sort it out. It's either that or a vote for Colbert

So, respect; it is hard to respect a political process that only exists to pursue the political process.

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Okay the interesting thing is that I had Aretha Franklin warbling in my head the whole time I read that post!
good post though, and the Aretha thing kind of made it better. . .