Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Presidential Babble

Our beloved leader just finished his babble and the talking heads are apparently done telling us what he said. I know this because I just turned the TV on because, guess what, it's raining again. So we get babble from the prez and a drenching from Mother Nature. While both of them rain things down on their victims, at least MN provides something productive.

So what did the prez do for us today? Let's see, he fired many shots across the bow of Congress. Evidently they have been sitting on their nuts (or other parts if not of the male persuasion) and this has pissed "w" off (actually he was just taking the opportunity to deflect our thoughts away from his sterile, ineffective day to day administration.

In all fairness, Congress does deserve to be bashed. The men and women we send to represent us have done exactly what for us lately? Here is a list of some of the important issues from yesterday in Congress:

Voted on a bill that would prevent Federal employees from purchasing unnecessary first-class or premium-class airline tickets at taxpayers expense.

Why only the unnecessary tickets?

Expressed support support for the goals and ideals of a Long-Term Care Awareness Week.

Originated in the House in April with 27 co-sponsors. Latest action passed by the House and sent to the Senate. So are you aware yet?

Recognized all hunters across the United States for their continued commitment to safety.

Could not get much detail, first introduced in July and has 91 co-sponsors. This important piece of legislation was passed on 10/16 and agreed to by the Senate. Perhaps they should present an award to Harry Whittington. They could call it the Dick Cheney Hunters Safety award and present it annually to someone that survived a hunting accident.

Finally, Rep. David Dreier, California introduced a bill to Recognize the close relationship between the United States and the Republic of San Marino.

Actually it is the Most Serene Republic of San Marino and they must be feeling neglected, thus the need for some recognition.

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mielikki said...

They should never watch idiot BIL hunt. They'd reconsider that 'safety' thing. I wonder if Cheney and BIL should go out together?. . .