Saturday, October 13, 2007


I was going to talk about the number of jobs that have left this country in the past few years but something happened in Lincoln today that made me reconsider what I wanted to pen. I don't know how to say it and still be polite, Corn got shucked, Cowboys cream Corn, Nebraska got corn holed.

There was an article in the Weird Herald (Omaha World Herald) sports sections this morning about red N fans deserting the sinking ship. It seems it has never happened here before. NK and I get to witness history and we love it. According to the paper, we may soon see a stadium in Lincoln that is not full on a Saturday afternoon. People are trying to sell tickets and talking about cleaning out their rain gutters instead of going to "The Game".

This is historic in Nebraska. Fans have not been fickle here, they have faithfully supported their team. Then the ex Oakland Raiders coach showed up. People started mowing their lawns. Pay per view lost money and those corn guys are losing games, big time, like 38 - 0 to begin the 4th quarter. My only problem is that the other team allowed them to score. The whining has already started, people were leaving before halftime. I can't wait to see the Sunday paper. I don't normally read anything about Nebraska football (I hate the color red now except for my Fresno State hat) but tomorrow I will savor every word.

Maybe I'll be ready to talk about what W has done to jobs in this country tomorrow but I have to celebrate corn pone today.

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sybil law said...

The game of cornhole is huuuge here in Ohio. Or, actually, Cincinnati.
Good post! What a buncha corndogs...