Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I would like to update a few items from the past couple days:

1. The election in CB was a success, there are now only 6 candidates for the election next month.

2. It seems the City Council in Belmont California in there entirety are about as dumb as I thought they might be since they did pass the smoking ban for anyone living in an apartment or condo. Next will be single family homes.

3. Although I did not mention it earlier, the Columbus Day holiday interrupted the delivery of a very important package (little K was expecting one from NK and declared Monday a stupid holiday).

4. At least one sports figure has some common sense. Yesterday Mack Strong of the Seattle Seahawks decided to retire after suffering a neck injury. Good move Mack, don't sacrifice the rest of your life for a few moments of fame.

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mielikki said...

Poor K to have her delivery interrupted just because of an Italian who didn't actually discover America. I feel her pain.
I agree totally about the Mack Strong issue. A few moments of football is not worth a lifetime of paraplegia. Now if Trent Green would just realize that after all these concussions he's going to be as punch drunk as Ali. . .
float like a butterfly my arse.