Tuesday, November 20, 2007


An anniversary can sometimes appear when you were not aware that it existed. We tend to celebrate all kinds of occasions since different things are important to different people. Some may remember the day they got their first pet or the day it died. Or maybe they remember joyous happenings only like a first job or a promotion you just never know.

I had an anniversary today and did not even remember it.....but my insurance agent did and he called to congratulate me. It seems it was four years ago today that I rolled our Ford Explorer, totaled the damned thing. I walked away with a little cut and a sore shoulder and damned lucky at that. I was on my way back from .... playing golf.

While it wasn't my fault, someone cut me off and when I swerved to avoid hitting them I lost control and rolled down an embankment, insurance companies don't seem to care these days. They had to buy me a new vehicle so they were going to punish me my raising my rate due to the accident, my first one since 1968 (again a no fault on my part accident). Hell, I have only had 2 moving violations (neither related to the aforementioned accidents) since I started driving. Even though a few companies are now promising accident forgiveness, I doubt they will stick to that very long. Once you file a claim you are dead meat whether it is a homeowners or auto policy.

Back to my anniversary, I knew it was around this time because I was home alone for Thanksgiving that year but it had really not crossed my mind so when he called and told me that this was the anniversary of the accident I was somewhat surprised. I will celebrate it though because I have now been forgiven, my agent, good guy that he is, will re-write my policy today to take advantage of a lower rate as a safe driver. Go figure, no accidents for 35 years, get in one pay out the ass. Then with no accidents for 4 years you are suddenly a safe driver again. I'm just happy they didn't make me wait 35 years.


CamiKaos said...

didn't you call me from the cop car that day?

DaddyKaos said...

yes I did, me and my golf clubs had to ride in the back seat behind the screen.

Bubblewench said...

In the state of PA if you have not had THEIR insurance for 3 years, then you are considered a new driver and your insurance is 3x what everyone else's is.

I have never been in an accident, been driving over 20 years, and I am paying out the wazoo.