Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Living in a Tastebud Wasteland

Earlier this morning I saw a commercial in which a question was asked...."what do you smell?" The response was "nothing". It was an anti-smoking ad and the catch is that the 2 from the ad were sitting in a restaurant.

They are in a restaurant and the dope can't smell a thing.

This made me think of our many attempts to find a meal with flavor around here. I happen to enjoy flavor. If I did not want it I would just eat oatmeal all the time or maybe Cream of Wheat.

Sometimes I am drawn to a particular spot by the odor wafting around outside but I have not had much luck lately once inside. What smells good on the outside does not mean that all is wonderful inside (I guess this could apply to people also).

I want something that dances on my tongue and lingers like the smell of bacon frying over an early morning campfire.

You what we get, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. If you want flavor...add salt.

One of my favorite foods is of the Chinese variety but the L0-mien....nothing. Even the addition of hot mustard doesn't help. Just adds heat with no flavor. Remember when you made glue in elementary school, it had more flavor.

NK ordered a Chicken Fried came with a weak paste like breakfast sausage gravy....again no flavor. It wouldn't even have made good biscuits and gravy.

So we live in a taste bud wasteland and mostly we just dream of places we have found that tantalize our tongues and cook at home.


CamiKaos said...

So anyone there up for a trip to Elani's when you get here?

mielikki said...

My little podunk has WONDERFUL restaurants! I am so glad I can go out and get a tasty meal!

DaddyKaos said...

Elani's, Springwater's anyplace there is filled with flavor. Our taste buds can't wait.

NanaKaos said...

Even Cha-Cha-Cha sounds wonderful. Our favorite Chinese restraunt just changed cooks and it was not for the best. The noodle place uses MSG in something even tho they say not. maybe its the sulfites to keep the veggies fresh. Nobodies tummy should make that much noise and fuss over noodles. We are ready. Pho Van's too? grandfather fish here we come. NK