Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks But No Thanks

Imagine this. You are in a vehicle riding down an unknown road. Suddenly there is an explosion and your world goes black. When you wake up you have no idea what really happened or how long you have been out. You start to move your hands around because you feel strange, something is wrong and you aren't sure what so you check to see if anything might be missing.

Fortunately every thing appears to be present but there is still an ominous gloom, something is not right. Then you begin to look around and you notice that your vision is not the same. When you glance left everything seems to be fine but when you glance to the right you have to turn you head all about 90 degrees to see the door down the row.

Then you close your left eye with a wink and then it strikes you, everything is dark and you feel the tape on the right side of your face, there is a patch over your right eye. When you finally get someones attention you ask the question and the answer is what you feared, blind in one eye.

You enlisted for all the right reasons but after weeks of recuperation, you are notified that you have become superfluous, of no use to the country you chose to serve. They send you home with a pat on the back and oh, whats this, a letter, from the Department of Defense. Maybe they want you for some ceremony or maybe they changed their mind and have determined that you can be of some use after all.

When you start to read what they have to say your hands start to tremble, you can't believe what the letter contains so your start over over and re-read it again and again but it does not change. It seems that you did not complete your obligation to your country and they want you to pay them back $3,000.00 from the bonus you received when you enlisted.

Yes thanks for your service and sacrifice but please send us a check for the 3 months you did not serve.


DaddyKaos said...

After significant public outcry, the Pentagon rescinded the request stating that the letter was sent in error.

Sure it was, just like all of the others dating back to 2004.

Bubblewench said...

Son's of beotches! Gotta love our government.