Friday, November 9, 2007

Fashion Rebels

I was a fashion rebel when I was a teenager. I constantly violated the dress code in high school. My problem....I would walk around with my shirt tail hanging out. It was usually a madras shirt but sometimes I would wear a shirt without a collar and not tuck it in either.
On one particular rebellious occasion I put on a pair of Levi's that had a hole in them, right at the knee. It was so bad that my grandfather (maternal) chastised my parents for not buying me a decent pair of pants. I had shamed them without even trying.

I bring this up because yesterday while headed out to the store NK and I saw a one of our fair cities finest, most fashionably dressed young men. You see, we live near a high school so we get to view all of the latest fashion trends. He looked something like this:

Now that I think about it, this guy is not real cool, he does not have any studs on his belt and his belt loops should be about where the bottom of his pockets are. That is what we saw yesterday and I really wanted to stop and pull the young lads pants up to....oh say....his arm pits. He would look real good like this:

Then there are the guys (and even some gals) that like to slide their baseball cap a little to the side.

Not only are they providing us with a glimpse of their mentality (trying to make a point with most of them is like dropping your bucket into a dry well), they look like they are trying to keep one ear from getting any sun. These fine folks make me want to slap them one the side of their noggin in an attempt to straighten their cap.


CamiKaos said...

Did K tell you about the day we were heading away from our house and a kid came by on his skateboard with his pants hanging way too low and she started to ask me why he did that when suddenly they fell down around his ankles.

That was awesome.

mielikki said...

Funny. I live near a school, too, and see that all the time. It makes me crazy. . .