Friday, November 30, 2007

FI Award

In honor of Evil Knievel who passed away today at the age of 69 I decided to create the Fucking Idiot (hence FI) Award in honor of the stupid stunts he attempted.

The first ever award goes to the unnamed trucker that entered Interstate 80 in Council Bluffs by making a left turn from the far right lane in front of through traffic around 2:30 PM this afternoon. While your action did not result in an accident, it was not because you didn't try.

And stopping to glare in mid-turn was priceless. No wonder truckers have a bad reputation.

So Mr. Trucker, here is your award:

I did have a close runner up and they as a group are the religiously incorrect Sudanese radicals that are demanding the execution of the Teddy Bear teacher.

Nominations are welcome at any time, just leave a comment with an explanation on why the recipient deserves the award.

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