Saturday, February 2, 2008

F*ing Award

I'm sending out a big hearty F*ing award to the Austrian Village of Fucking. No one could possibly deserve a good fucking more than them (except the people that keep stealing the signs).

Are the residents called Fuckers?

What would you be learning at the Fucking High School?

The residents want everyone to leave their Fucking sign alone.


holly said...

oh my god imagine being the receptionist at the town hall :

(ring ring)

"hello, fucking town hall, how can we help you?"

i'm going to call the fucking town hall!

i have to stop now. i think my coworkers suspect i am *not* laughing at my "funny code".

holly said...

me again, sorry. i went and pointed this out to my friend at work.

she's been there. she says there is fuck-all (euro-slang for 'nothing') there. she has a picture of herself in front of the sign, but it's in her loft. plus, as you don't know her, it wouldn't be as funny for you. in fact, this is only really funny for me now. i will shut up.

CamiKaos said...

i cry foul. The title of the article clearly says "Germans not amused" I told Mr. Kaos about this... he's really German... He was very amused. I mean he's only one German... but he found it very funny.

He suggested though, that if they want people to stop stealing their signs that they sell them, along with shot glasses, t shirts, post cards etc etc.

DaddyKaos said...

Holly - when you call ask to speak to the fucking B├╝rgermeister. Did your friend steal one of the signs?

CK - I don't know why the Germans are so upset, the town is in Austria. I thought Mr. K might enjoy this.

holly said...

okay, will do.
no, i don't think she did. pity that.

and i am 1/4 german, people! maiden name : schneider. doesn't *get* more german than that. but i'm only 1/4 of it. and *i'm* amused! so that's 1 1/4 of the germans, yes?

CamiKaos said...

holly. it does get more German. Mike's last name. More German that yours.