Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Normally a Wordless Wednesday would be, well, wordless.

But today, I got words. I'll give you your picture

but I also have a few bones to gnaw on and they just won't wait.

First, Crime and Punishment and I don't mean the book.
In 1964 Jerry Erving sat drinking in a bar when his friend pulled out a gun and shot the bartender. As a participant in the robbery, Jerry grabbed 3 bottles of whiskey and left.
He was sentenced to life in prison and is still there today. The shooter, Larry Hall, was paroled in 1988, yet for 3 bottles of whiskey, a man sits in prison.
Today, for the 3rd time, his lawyer will try and get a board to set a hearing to commute the sentence. The board includes the governor, secretary of state and attorney general. They said no last time.

Second, War and Peace, again not the book.

Last night on "A Daily Show" (hopefully the last one although I must say even with the writers on strike the quality of the show remained the same), William Kristol, a repeat guest from the Weekly Standard attempted to convince us that history will portray our Iraq involvement in a favorable manner.

Iraq will become a stable force in the Middle East and the Shia and Sunni will soon join hands and sing Kumbaya. Of course the caveat is that we will have to maintain a significant presence.
That we should not have been there is the first place evidently will not have an impact on what must be a drug induced vision of the conservative rights future.


mielikki said...

I can see why your words wouldn't wait. I think hell is going to freeze over if that particular version of Kumbaya is sung. As far as the whisky man, I'd say the panel all deserve an FI award.

david mcmahon said...

I'd never heard of Jerry Erving, but thanks for bringing this anomaly in the law to our attention.

sybil law said...

Kumbaya always sucked, anyway. Seriously. That song is awful!