Saturday, April 19, 2008

Father Doesn't Know Best

Back when dirt was first discovered, there was a TV show called Father Knows Best and Jim Anderson always, always had the answer/solution for whatever the problem was. It did not matter if it was Bud, Kitten or the Princess, he did not have to depend on anyone or anything, no matter what.

Now, I have discovered that it is not "father" that knows best, it is Uncle Sam and he will touch every aspect of your life. How did I discover this? Well, we have been looking for ceiling fans lately. You see, we converted a room we used for storage into our office and craft room and in the ceiling there are 2 light fixtures.

Since there is limited circulation in the room, NK wanted to put a couple of ceiling fans in but I insisted that we make sure that those fans come with a light fixture that will provide adequate lighting for the room. Therein lies the problem.

It seems that last year our beloved government decided that it was not good to have a normal light bulb in a ceiling fan light fixture, we are forced to go with the little tulip bulbs or buy the curly qued florescent bulbs. It seems that the incandescent bulbs get too hot and some fool burned his pathetic fingers so once again the government is protecting us from ourselves.


holly said...

well really, if the government doesn't do *something*, we will all kill ourselves by our own individual stupidity.

that's what government is for, right? keeping us from killing ourselves? no? oh ...dang.

sybil law said...