Monday, April 14, 2008

What to do with $4 million dollars

I have never offered up any kind of contest before but after I read an article in the local rag that it is likely that the American taxpayer will be saddled with the 4 million dollar of providing Dick Cheney protection, transportation and other security-related trappings of power for an additional six months after he finally goes away, I wondered what good could be done with the money that we will waste on protecting someone that, if necessary could pay for it himself many times over.

So, while I don't yet know what the winner would receive, if you have an idea how this country could use $4 million to make the world a better place to live, to submit your entry leave a comment with a general description of your plan by April 30th. Submissions will be judged on worthiness (is it a noble cause?), feasibility and originality by an impartial panel of judges yet to be identified.


mielikki said...

4 million dollars would provide a good amount of prescription drugs for some hard up elderly people. Which the drug companies would have to sell at the cost, of course, so that the buck could spread further. My plan on how to implement this? Um. Tough one. Too many of the elderly need help and the 4 million would probably get spent quicker than water going down the drain. But I'd still try it..

Bubblewench said...

4 million dollars would pay off the mortgage and 10 years of taxes for everyone I know. Then we could all build that Kaos Kommune that CK drew up years ago. (I still remember your drawing CK!)

But since I try not to be so selfish, I bend to Mielikki's plan.. much better anyway.