Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Madness - Would you Pod?

Think it's possible to find economical accommodations in New York City? Well, if you consider paying around $159.00 per night for a 7 x 12 room with a shared bathroom economical you might consider the Pod Hotel. They say that they are the answer to the budget-conscious traveler's prayers.

To quote them, "the place is basic, to be sure, but it's modern, comfortable and enjoys a fab location on the Middle East Side. Rooms are teeny-tiny but carefully designed to maximize space."

NBC carried a story on this trend yesterday and compared to some of the rooms they showed, this one looks rather large. The screen above each bunk is a rather small flat screen TV. If you want a remote there is an extra charge. Kind of like when Motel 6 first opened, you got a room, if you wanted anything else (like phone access or TV) you paid for it separately.

So, would you Pod?

1 comment:

Bubblewench said...

no pod. I'll stay in Jersey and take the train. Cheaper.