Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going Green (or how not to start a recycling program)

The leadership in our fair township (known as Counciltucky to those folks that wear corncob hats from across the river in Omygod) has decided that the good citizens within the city limits need to begin curbside recycling in July. They will provide 2 recycling containers and one lid and will only charge us (initially) $4.00 per quarter for the privilege of saving all of our cans, bottles, paper and cardboard so we can give it to them on alternating weeks (this includes the cans and bottles that we pay a 5 cent deposit on).

Now I don't have anything at all against recycling, we already recycle most of the stuff they want us to place curbside so in some ways it will be easier for us. My problem is that they are going to charge us to take the stuff and they will sell it. True, the profit margin will not be significant, but I know of at least one city that uses what they make in recycling to provide free trash service for its residents. If they want everyone to get involved, this is the type program cities should consider.

Many of the fine residents here will not recycle, even though they will pay for it. After all, they don't call this Counciltucky for nothing.


mielikki said...

Maybe sometime in the next century Counciltucky will catch up with the rest of the world....
I hope by then that you will be loooong gooooone to Portland!

Bubblewench said...

They'll probably just dump your recycling containers into the garbage trucks like they do here.. hey I think I'll go do a mini-post and include that little tidbit.