Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miles for Martinis

I just found out that I have joined a group that allows me to drink and fly. Pilots can't do it but I can.

Every so often I get an update from United Mileage Plus telling me that they have added restaurants in "my" area (not anyone Else's area, but mine) where I can dine and earn miles on my Mileage Plus account. Most of them are pricey, some of them are dives, a couple I have actually patronized.

But I noticed something new in the latest mailing. Now there are bars, that's right, I can drink myself enough miles to earn a free flight so I'm sure that this drinking thing will catch on. I no longer have to eat my way to a free flight so this may be a new diet plan. The only problem is, with all of the problems associated with air travel, only a drunk would want to get on a plane. Then again, if I do drink my way to a free flight, that would be me wouldn't it?


MM said...

Just don't take American Airlines, and don't get on the plane drunk!

mielikki said...

MM was using the Mac earlier and I accidentally helped myself to his identity..
I should have run amok with it, but I didn't....

Bubblewench said...

I ususally drink at the airport before i get on the plane. Not a bad idea. Don't get free miles for it though.

Just hope the pilots aren't at the bar too.