Saturday, May 3, 2008

Silly Saturday - Is Grandpa Naked in the Garden Again

Today is the first Saturday of May, a few days after May Day when all the laborers parade and a few days before Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican independence. But I'll bet you didn't know that the first Saturday in May is also the time to get naked and pull some weeds or plant something.

That's right, all over the world today is the day to do some naked is the 4th annual World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD if you want an acronym to throw out).

All you have to do to participate is get naked and go outside (or do some indoor gardening if you are shy).

So what should you do? According to the WNGD Web site, "...on May 3, 2008 find an opportunity to get naked and do some gardening. Do so alone, with friends, with family, with your gardening club, or with any other group collected for that purpose. Do it inside your house, in your back yard, on a hiking trail, at a city park, or on the streets. Stay private or go public. Make it a quiet time or make it a public splash. Just get naked and make your part of the botanical world a healthier and more attractive place.

Secondly, tell someone about your experience. No one owns this event, so it does not really matter whom you tell, but tell someone . Tell your friends about your day of naked gardening; write down what you thought of it and email it to your local newspaper."

Just make sure you steer clear of any stinging insects and thorny plants, you wouldn't want to experience any unwanted or unnatural swelling while enjoying the sunlight.


mielikki said...

Don't forget this one, though:
"Hooray, Hooray, for the 8th of May-
Outdoor Fornication Day!"

Aunt S taught me that one....

sybil law said...

How did I miss this before?!
Love it. Will you be posting pics?! Haha