Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stupid Sports Commentators

I don’t watch much baseball during the regular season. I watch a little less during the playoffs and I may watch some during the world series (it’s kind of presumptuous of us to call it a world series when the only teams in contention come from north america don’t you think?). Today I discovered one of the reasons why I don’t watch all that much anymore.

While watching the Cubs/D’backs game there was a flash to a picture of what used to be Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali to all you purists and I can’t get past Lew Alcindor who is actually Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.). The man was trying to stand up/sit down, I could not tell which it was but he eventually kind of plopped down after some kind of recognition at the ball field. It was obvious he was oblivious to his surroundings and that is what prompts this missive.

Earth to Dick Stockton, hello in there. Even if the man does live in Phoenix and even though he was in a seat at the ballpark, he could not have been watching the game. Mr. Clay (Ali) may have known that there were a number of people out in some sort of field but let’s get real Dick, he did not have any idea what was really going on and he probably doesn’t even know he lives in Phoenix let alone that the D’backs were playing the Cubs in the NLDS. Let’s stop immortalizing the poor guy, just leave him be. He was once great but is now no longer the same person. If you must show that he is there, at least give him some dignity and don’t show him attempting to stand or sit.

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mielikki said...

I wholeheartedly agree. He is trotted out time and time again for sports events and other silly things as an attention, or ratings tactic. He's oblivious, and his dignity is almost non existant anymore.