Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here's Your Sign (Subtitle - Results of No Child Left Behind, Can Anyone Out There Read?)

Bill Engvall coined this phrase long ago and it has not lost it's value. So far this year 239 people have become extremely ill after drinking fuel that was meant to be placed into a tiki lamp (so if you are going to have tiki lamps at the tiki party CK, make sure you take care with the liquid).

Two of the 239 are now living in another world. Seven stupid Americans come from the Metro area in which I currently reside (but strongly desire to leave). As it turns out, the fuel has the same appearance as apple juice so without looking to see what they are serving or drinking (I wonder who put the stuff in the refrigerator in the first place) the intelligentsia of this country served it up.

Perhaps we that remain and have not purchased, served or consumed tiki fuel should feel remorse that the other 237 idiots that did drink it survived to further populate our country.

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