Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

For the first time this year, we are sitting outside, under our canopy on the patio enjoying breakfast. Just bagels, coffee and mimosa but it has been so nice the past few days we just couldn't resist.

With breakfast done I started looking around and lo and behold we were in the middle of a courtship. Have you ever seen bunnies fuck? OK maybe that is a little crude, it appeared to be a courting ritual followed by the mount. The male would jump straight up in the air (this must be impressive to the female, even though this particular one must not have been impressed. Maybe he didn't jump high enough?), and then attempt an entry from behind, sometimes preceded by a chase.

Watching this jump up, chase, jump up, chase got me thinking. As males, once we are done chasing the female of the human species until she catches us, we seem to jump on command and only ask how high? Might the bunny world be where this propensity of ours comes from?

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