Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Times Are Still A-Changing

As I sit here and listen to Dylan (Bob) not Thomas I realize that I must be mellowing as old age sets in. Nothing has pissed me off lately and that in itself pisses me off. I like to get ticked off, I always feel better when I have something or someone to go off on.

On Saturday I had every opportunity to get really upset when the twosome in front of me refused time and again to allow me to play through. Normally when this happens, my game goes straight to hell, I get impatient and hurry every swing. Then I lose focus and am lucky to even hit the ball.

But Saturday was different, I just waited patiently for them to move on. I guess it was just time for another of lifes lessons to get me to slow down.

I don't mind them, I just like to get fired up once in awhile.

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