Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sometimes the Tooth Fairy Doesn't Leave $$

Then again, sometimes they don't leave much of anything at all. Yesterday I mentioned that we say Hellboy II, it has tooth fairies but not the type that you would want to have sneaking into your bedroom to swap cash for a tooth.

These are little gremlins that can reduce a 300 pound person to dust in seconds, and they swarm like bees and move like the Tasmanian devil. Just the perfect thing to scare the bejesus out of your little one if you have just a touch of evil in you.

You know, like Cosby's dad telling Bill and Russell about the monster in the closet only you can use this one to get them to let you pull the loose tooth. Like if we don't get it out now, the bad tooth fairies will come and the first thing they go after are your teeth, then your flesh and finally your bones. And they don't leave anything behind. Just the thing for a nice bedtime story, eh?

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